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We have the people, processes, and technologies to harmoniously move you from concept to compound to cure—and beyond.

At PRA, we’re incredibly proud of our Healthcare Intelligence, which allows us to understand and solve your questions like never before. But it’s our Global Infrastructure that gives us the ability to deliver on your strategy no matter where in the world your research takes you. When we combine the two, we can truly move your product from concept to compound to cure with a harmonized, purpose-built solution that spans all aspects of drug development.


A world-class network of great people

There are more than 16,000 of us around the world, but we all have one thing in common—our empathetic and compassionate approach to our work. No matter what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis, our project teams bring the same level of dedication, empathy, and passion to your product as you do because we know that every decision ultimately affects real patient outcomes.


A centralized approach to drug development.

How do you harmonize 16,000+ people around the world to ensure they’re all working efficiently and effectively to answer your questions? Over the years, we’ve mastered the art of a unified adaptive process. We call it OnePRA—a centralized approach that enables us to identify your question, design a solution to answer that question, operationalize the execution of your design, and deliver a solution that meets your unique needs. OnePRA allows us to customize every aspect of your solution while always ensuring that we’re providing the most effective and efficient approach.


An ecosystem of tools and technologies to connect you like never before

Technology is such a critical component to the successful delivery of research that we decided to make our own. We developed our solutions from the ground up, building an ecosystem of tools and technologies that interconnect our own people and ensure the flow of information is seamless, as well as a vast array of technologies that empower us to connect with sites and patients like never before.


Premier facilities strategically located around the world.

While much of the focus is on data and technology, certain physical locations will always be pivotal to quality research. We’ve invested in world-class facilities that provide our experienced teams with uncompromising resources to empower the successful delivery of your research.

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